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Active Recovery

Active Recovery

Services & Pricing

24/7 Memberships (Active in August) give our guests a quality space, for an affordable rate, at the convenience of their schedule.

*24/7 Gym Membership: $29.95/month
(Add a member of you family for just an additional $20/month.)

Personal Training offers individualized coaching and nutrition guidance at the convenience of your schedule. This is an ideal option if you are uncomfortable in group classes or desire more personal attention. 

*Personal Training: $65/Hour (No commitment)
*3-Month: $50/Hour


Adult ladies hip hop led by Tabitha "lady Phoenix" johnson

Adult ladies hip hop led by Tabitha "lady Phoenix" johnson

Take advantage of the coaching we offer in fitness and dance, which is sure to keep your fitness routine different and fun.

Drop-in: $25

Love our classes and can't get enough?
Save money with Class Cards and experience even more savings with our Memberships:

Class Cards
*5 (expires 60 days after purchase): $95
*10 (expires 120 days after purchase): $195
*20 (expires 6 months after purchase): $360
*40 (expires 12 months after purchase): $740

Class Memberships (Autopay)
Prices are for a single member, couples get a 10% discount.
1x/Week = $59.95/Month (Couple: $107.90/Month)
2x/Week = $79.95/Month (Couple: $143.90/Month)
3x/Week = $99.95/Month (Couple: $179.90/Month)


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(Includes 24/7 gym and unlimited classes.)

Some classes require pre-registration. Space may limited and the schedule may susceptible to change. Registration closes 4 hours prior to each class. 

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